Day 9: How to Draw Upside-Down

For this lesson, you will need a photo (physical or digital) of yourself as a little kid Today we will learn how to draw anything. That’s right – anything! I will teach you how to use the Upside-Down drawing technique to draw a portrait of yourself as a... read more

Day 7: How to Draw Zed

Today is a very exciting lesson! We are going to learn how to draw Zed the Monk from Buddha Doodles! In the previous squiggle monster lesson, you discovered how to create characters from random lines and shapes. Today we are going to learn how to make a character by... read more

Day 6: How to Make a Doodle Bouquet

Welcome to our second week of Mindful Drawing! We are going to start this week off by gifting ourselves flowers! Flowers are a beautiful symbol of nature’s unconditional love and joy. When we practice mindful walking, slowing down to “smell the... read more

Day 5: Calming Circles and Baby Enzos

In today’s lesson, we will learn about the calming power of circles! There are two videos for today: How to Make Calming Circles and How to Make Baby Enzos. In Zen, ensō (円相, “circular form”) is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes... read more

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