Today’s Doodle

Image Description: Ooty (pale blue elephant) and Zed (a little monk in an orange robe) are hiking in a canyon that is filled a with waist high water. They are each holding hiking sticks and look happy. The caption says: “Life is an adventure, you are not lost.” The artwork is by Mollycules and is inspired by a trip she took to the Zion Narrows.

Today’s Doodle: Guest House

Image description: Zed (a little monk in an orange robe) is hosting a dinner with four special guests. Each guest is a different creature or cute-looking monster. One has pointy ears and is purple (asleep snoring). One is little and orange with cat-like ears (slurping his soup loudly). One is very large and green with big pointy horns (yelling “Knock it off” to the creature slurping). One is little and green with puppy-like ears and little red horns (expressing his disgust for the soup). Zed is standing at the end of the table and holding his soup. He looks calm and joyful. The caption says: “Greet each guest with courage, warmth, and respect.” The art is by Mollycules.