Make Magical Memories

It is snowing outside and there are two very cute “snowmen”! One is in the shape of Zed (little monk) and is wearing an orange tee shirt. His arms are made of sticks, his eyes and mouth of pebbles, and his nose a carrot. Ooty (elephant) has a stick for a trunk and arms, and also has pebbles that make up his eyes and mouth. The scene is painted with beautiful light and medium shades blues, and expressive white paint splotches for the snow and snowflakes. The caption says: “Make magical memories.” The art is by Mollycules.

Gratitude for…

Image description: There are three little monks, each wearing a different color robe (pink, green, and orange). The monk in the pink robe is standing and looking up to the sky while taking a big breath. The monk in the green robe is standing and stretching. The monk in the orange robe is smiling peacefully. The caption says: “Gratitude for breathing, movement, and smiling.” The art is by Mollycules

Sow seeds of joy

Image description: Ariana (girl) is standing on a purple stool while planting seeds at a brown table. She is wearing a purple shirt, dark blue trousers, and pink socks. Her hair is brown and tied into two side buns. She is using an egg carton to plant the seeds and each little space is filled with soil. Odie (white little fluffy dog) is sitting on the table watching her. There is a pack of tomato seeds on the table. The caption says: “Sow seeds of joy.” The artwork is by Mollycules.

Trust the light of each new day

Image description: Ooty (pale blue elephant) and Zed (little monk with orange robe) are walking along a windy path. There are a few suns shining beautifully on each side of the path, illuminating Ooty and Zed and the way forward. The path is coming out of the dark. The caption says: “Trust the light of each new day.” The art is by Mollycules.


Two little monks are facing each other and are seated on blue cushions. One monk is wearing an orange robe and the other a green robe. The monk in the green robe looks very distressed and is talking about a problem. The monk in the orange robe is listening mindfully. The captions says: “Listen to relieve suffering.” The art is by Mollycules.