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Q: Can I license Buddha Doodles for my business, website, online class, webinar, or other marketing material?

A: No, Buddha Doodles are copyrighted and trademarked property Molly Hahn. Using Buddha Doodles for your business is strictly prohibited by law.


Q: Can I post Buddha Doodle(s) on a blog and give you credit?

A: So long as you are not promoting your own class or business, you can post a doodle on your blog with a link to BuddhaDoodles.com and credit to the Artist.


Q: Can I hire you Molly illustrate my book?

A: Not at this time.


Q: Is the artist taking commissions?

A: Not at this time.


Q: My order hasn’t arrived, where is it?

A: If you are wondering where an order is, log in to your account to see your order details. If you don’t know how to do that, follow these step-by-step instructions:




  1. Go to www.BuddhaDoodles.com
  2. Click “My Account” on the main navigation menu underneath the Buddha Doodles logo.
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Click “Orders” on the left hand side.
  5. Select the order to view all details by clicking “View”
  6. Read the information carefully, you will see your tracking information listed.


Q: I don’t remember making an account??

A: Accounts are created automatically at checkout. Do not create a new account.

There are no guest accounts. You will need to reset your password. Use the email address you used at checkout when you reset your password.


Q: My order is taking a really long time to get here. Where is it?

A: During this difficult time, we must be extra mindful of how we think about the orders we make from my little store. Many of you live outside the USA and are feeling anxious about where your order may still be. We encourage you not to purchase a product from the Buddha Doodles gift store if that waiting or paying import taxes will be an issue for you.


Q: My order didn’t arrive. Can you just give me a refund?

A: Please remember that you agreed to the Buddha Doodles terms and conditions when ordered a physical product. If you ordered from outside the USA, remember that you must stay proactive in contacting your local or regional post office yourself, more than once, as your order is most likely being held at customs. There are steps you must take first to retrieve your order from customs.


Q: Okay, I did all that and I still can’t find my order!

A: If you live in the USA or outside the USA and your order is truly lost in transit, you must file a claim with Buddha Doodles within 20 days AFTER the estimated arrival date to receive a refund. Claims after the 20 day window cannot be refunded. We deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Your tracking system is not working. I can’t see anything! Why is your site not working?

A: The tracking numbers on the web pagethat show your tracking information are not Buddha Doodles. The website showing your tracking information is the delivery service’s website. Delivery service options change with what is available and what rates are best. We have no control over how the delivery company updates their information at our third-party warehouse. When you see your tracking information, you are on the delivery company’s website, not mine.


Q: Okay, so how come the delivery service is not updating their tracking info page?

A: COVID is heavily impacting delivery services. Tracking information most of the time is not being updated online. If you live outside the USA, import tax notices are not being sent out most of the time. You must stay proactive in contacting your customs office even if you don’t get a notice. When you agree to purchasing a product from Buddha Doodles, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated at checkout.


Q: I chose a flat rate shipping and cannot see any tracking info after it left the USA. Why is that?


A: Please remember that if you chose a low-cost shipping method, Flat Rate, it doesn’t include the same tracking options as Priority International as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Remember this is a choice that you made, and it is not Buddha Doodles responsibility to make the tracking information work better or speed up delivery. If you anticipate being discouraged by a lack of tracking information, choose Priority International delivery if it is available.


Q: I still don’t remember making an account with you. Can you just give me my password instead of me reseting it?

A: Every person that makes an order at BuddhaDoodles.com is required to make an account. It is not an option, it is created automatically at checkout. If you forget your password, it is your responsibility to reset the password. Buddha Doodles or the Artist do not know your password or login information. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your own information.


Q: Okay, I reset my password. Can’t see it. What is going on?

A: Password reset notifications can get lost in spam or trash. They are time sensitive. If you find the email for the password reset and it no longer works, you will need to click the “Lost Password?” button again.


Q: I don’t want to be a patron of Buddha Doodles anymore. How do I cancel?

A: To cancel your patronage, please write to Lovingsupport@BuddhaDoodles.com.


Q: Is Molly planning on teaching again?

A: She hopes to soon.


Q: I wrote to you yesterday but I didn’t get an email back. Is anyone reading these?

A: The Buddha Doodles Gift Shop is a micro-business. The Gift Shop is the primary way that the Artist is able to support herself and  continue creating the doodles. If you wrote to us, we got your email and will respond as it is possible. If you wrote to us on a weekend day, we don’t respond to those emails until the work week.


Q: Are the Deck of Cards playing cards or greeting cards?


The Deck of Cards are very versatile tarot-like cards. There are 78 total and measure 4.75’’x4.75’’. Customers have said that they draw one each day for their personal practices. Other people have said that they use them for teaching materials, art therapy, and even in hospitals. They are not playing cards (check out the Buddha Doodles Game instead) nor are they greeting cards.



If the FAQ didn’t help, please write another follow up email saying that you read the FAQ but still need help.


Stay healthy and safe.

Kind thoughts,

Buddha Doodles Customer Care


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