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The Buddha Doodles Gift Shop is temporarily open! Once the Page-A-Day Calendars are sold out, I will no longer be selling merchandise on this website. All of my products will be distributed via Amazon starting in the Spring.

This website will transform into a Patron Membership platform where fans can receive exclusive rewards, including brand-new doodles not published anywhere else!

The only products available here are the 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar and the Weekly Planner. 

I am not able to accept orders from outside the USA due to a rise in delivery services losing orders overseas, which I have no control over. 

Exceptions can be made if you are willing to take the risk (no refunds for lost items) and agree to pay for Express shipping only (reduces the chance of it getting lost). Contact Dawn and customercare@buddhadoodles.shop to request access.

Thank you for your support and interest in purchasing a product. I’m really excited for 2023 and the changes ahead! 

Much Metta,

ps: You still get a free planner with your purchase 🙂 

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