International Shipping Questions

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. Buddha Doodles offers international shipping of the Deck of Cards, Page-A-Day Calendar, and the Weekly Planner. Products like mugs, art prints, backpacks, may not be able to be shipped everywhere outside the USA.


How long will it take my order to ship to me?

Carrier delivery times (USPS, UPS, DHL, etc) are unique for each order based on location and are likely to be delayed due to complications with COVID.

International Orders are expected to be delayed more than usual.

If you pre-order a limited edition order like the Deck of Cards, Weekly Planner, or Page-A-Day Calendar, please visit the Announcements page to see shipping updates.


How much will it cost to ship outside the USA?

To see the shipping options, go to, add the item(s) to your cart, fill out the shipping address info, and then review the options for shipping. Usually, there are at least two options, Priority (tracking) and Flat rate shipping (no tracking). We highly recommend going with the Priority  tracking option if it is available in your country.


Can I get the Deck of Cards, Page-A-Day Calendar, or the Weekly Planner on Amazon?

No, all limited-edition products are shipped from one location in the USA.


I live outside the USA, will I be charged import tax?

Most International Orders require an import fee to be paid if you order items from Buddha Doodles. These fees depend on your country and region, so please check first with these regulations where you live. Buddha Doodles cannot provide an estimate of how much an import fee will be charged. We simply advise that you consider this when you make purchase. Buddha Doodles is not responsible or liable for import fees.

If my order is held at customs, where can I find it?

Most International Orders that require an import fee will be held at a postal facility in your town, city, or region. This varies depending on where you live and Buddha Doodles cannot tell you in advance which facility your order will be held at. Please check with your local authorities first before purchasing an item. Each facility has a unique way of notifying the customer of when a package is being held for import fee. This method depends on where you live and cannot be pre-determined by Buddha Doodles. In some cases, a parcel will be held without a notice being sent to the customer. Buddha Doodles is not responsible for how the facility in your town or city notifies or fails to notify you that a parcel you ordered has arrived. Therefore, by agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are accepting responsibility that you will check with your local authorities before purchasing an item from Buddha Doodles and that you consider ahead of time how you plan to keep in touch with the local facility in your town or city regarding the parcel you ordered.

Can you refund me the import fees?

No, Buddha Doodles cannot issue a refund for import fees.

My order seems like it is lost in transit. What can I do?

If you suspect that your order is taking longer than usual, you must stay proactive in locating it. First, contact your local or regional post office yourself to see if you parcel is being held at customs. If at first you don’t find it, you must stay proactive and continue to contact your customs office after a few days or a week has passed since the last time. COVID is heavily impacting delivery services. Tracking information most of the time is not being updated online. Import tax notices are not being sent out most of the time. You must stay proactive in contacting your customs office even if you don’t get a notice. 

If it is lost in transit can I get a refund?

If you cannot find your parcel after doing that, you will need to file a claim with Buddha Doodles within 20 days of the estimated arrival date (printed on receipt) to be considered for a refund or reshipment. Email to file the claim.

Where can I find my tracking information?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a notification via email that contains your tracking number. You can also find it in your account under “Orders” once it has shipped.

Will you keep track of the tracking for me?
No – you are responsible for tracking your own order. Every customer has an account with Your order and tracking information is stored in your account. Accounts are automatically generated at checkout.

Your account provides your order information. The artist is not responsible for finding your tracking number. If you cannot find it after logging in to your account, then you may email Dawn, our support agent, for help at

I entered the wrong address when I checked out. Can you please update it?

If your order has not shipped yet, we will need to update your shipping address directly with our warehouse. You cannot update the shipping information in your own account, unfortunately.   


If your order has already shipped, we cannot change or redirect your parcel.