image description:
Ooty (the pale blue elephant) and Zed (the monk wearing an orange robe) are in a light brown rowboat; both have an oar and are standing and paddling. Ooty is in the back of the boat, and Zed is in the front; both looking hopeful. In front of them are 10 beautiful jewels of varying colors: orange, yellow, pink, and blue. The jewels are illuminating a very dark night and you can see hints of the darkness that they had just been paddling in in the background. Closer to the foreground are beautiful splashes of pink, blue, and turquoise in the sky and the water, illuminated by the glowing jewels. The caption says: “It’s by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.” The quote is by Joseph Campbell. The art is by Molly Hahn, also known as Mollycules.