Today’s Doodle: Good Company

Wishing you a safe and happy end to 2020. I look forward to publishing new doodles in 2021 ❤️ molly

Image description: Ooty (elephant wearing a green scarf and hat) and Zed (monk wearing orange snowsuit), are enjoying a cup of tea outside in the snow. There is a tree stump between them and it has a red tea kettle on top. In the background is a forest of trees. The snow is falling all around them. The caption says: “Good company warms hearts.” The artwork is by Mollycules.


  1. Maureen Albright

    I love your art, your empathy compassionate uplifting positive reinforcement, et and words inadequate to describe how you have been helping me to survive and I couldn’t adored before, so I saved up over years, elderly fixed income who needs ur program and tools to continue to move on and go forward in life, so im joining, purchasing with goal of becoming a patron in future if can afford….THANKYOU with all my heart and soul for being you and giving to others like me, may you be safe from covid19 and other harms in life, continuing evolving and growing in ur artwork, and business and in good health of mind, body and spirit in another challenging and hopeful Happy Healthy New Year 2021….love you 7 company Molly molecules,xoooooooooowarmly Maureen Albright…

  2. Jyostna

    Hey Molly, Wish you Happy new year.

    First of all you never know how much I adore your doodles and they have become a part of my life. I see those doodles and take them very close to my heart. I connect with your art so much , every time I see them I feel an emotion.

    Thank you so much for your doodles and hard work. I really wish you never stop what you are doing and thankyou for inspiring me always and forever. 🙂 Lots of love from India.

  3. Sandra Keegan

    Where is my order of 5 boxes of calendars. I ordered for Christmas gifts.



      I’m very sorry to hear your calendars have not arrived. I am also sorry I missed this comment, I don’t usually receive order inquiries on my blog 😉 I have an official help line at

      If you write there, we can help you in our official system.

  4. Gretchen Rasheed

    My email address on my order to you for Buddha doodles game is incorrect. The correct email is:


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