Today’s Doodle: Inner companion

Ooty (pale blue elephant) and Zed (little monk in an orange robe) are sitting and meditating on purple mats. There is a teapot between them and a tea cup on each of their mats. Their eyes are closed and they look peaceful. Pray flags are hanging above them. The caption says: “In stillness we find our inner companion.” The artwork is by Mollycules.



    I’ve been following you for some time now. They have helped me heal from cancer (breast, spine, sacrum, hips & sternum). I’ve been cancer free 5.5 yrs. No chemo, nor radiation…radical mindset changes, however. Wanted to express gratitude, Molly. Heartfelt thank you. You daily devotional is mine as well. Hug.


      Marian, thank you for those words of love. I’m sending light to you. Your recovery and healing is truly a miracle. May you continue to be blessed.


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